Submission guideline


• We invite abstract submissions for presentations. There will be no poster session, so abstract submission is for consideration for an oral presentation only. Each presentation will be total of 20 minutes, including 12-15 minutes oral presentation (broadcast pre-recorded video), 4-7 minutes live Q&A, and 1 minute transition between presentations.

• Abstract must be submitted online using the following Microsoft Forms.

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• The official language of JFES is English. All submitted abstracts will be archived by JFES, therefore authors are required to thoroughly review the grammar and spelling before submission.

• Abstract shall contain 200-400 words and must NOT contain figures, diagrams or tables.

• The online submitting form will be automatically closed at 11:59 pm Japan Standard Time (GMT+09:00) 17th May 2021 and would not accept submission anymore.

• We are open to accept revision only before the submission deadline. If revision is required, visit abstract submission form again and select “Revision” in the questionnaire. Specify the version to avoid confusion and submit the full text.

• It is essential that the written email address is correct, valid and accepting email message from JFES; acceptance/rejection notice and other correspondence will be made via email. Your abstract is not successfully submitted until you receive a confirmation email after clicking the final submit button. If you do not receive a confirmation e-mail, please contact us.


• Once paper is accepted, the abstract will be published in “Petrophysics” journal and JFES homepage for the announcement of the symposium.

• US Copyright law requires a copyright transfer be obtained from authors of papers published in SPWLA publications. Copyright form is signed and returned by the author at the time of submission of Extended Abstract, which subsequently takes a part of the symposium proceeding and is published on One Petro.

• Submitted abstracts should include non-published data. The paper previously submitted/presented in JFES symposium or other conference will NOT be accepted.


• JFES committee will carefully review the all abstracts. Consequently, a notification of acceptance/rejection of the abstract will be sent to you via email no later than 7th June 2021.

• All authors of accepted papers will be invited to submit an Extended Abstract by 23rd August 2021.

• The authors are also required to prepare a pre-recorded video of their paper presentation by 23rd August 2021. Recording narration over the slides is available with Microsoft PowerPoint. You can also use online conferencing system (e.g. WebEx, Skype, Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams).


If a presenting author fails to submit the pre-recorded presentation without any previous notice, the author will be subject to a two-year ban at the annual symposium and for publication in Petrophyisics.

Any change to this policy is at the discretion of the Vice President of Technology and will be studied on a case-by-case basis to cover the event of sudden illness among other critical situations.

For any inquiries, please visit the link below and send us a message.