Activities 1994-1995  (SPWLA Japan Chapter)
No. Date Venu Speaker Topics
1st May. 23,1994  Japan National Oil Corporation (JNOC) C.Clavier (SPWLA Distinguished Speaker) Imaging Logging New Dimension in Interpretation
2nd July 25,1994  Japan Petroleum Exploration Co.,Ltd        ( JAPEX) Makoto Miyairi (JAPEX) Summary of 35th SPWLA Annual Symposium            
 M. Sato (Tohoku Univ.)  Directional Induction Logging Method
Susumu Kato (JAPEX)  Formation Evaluation of Volcanic Reservoir
3rd  Sep. 27,1994   Japan Oil Engineering Co.,Ltd (JOE) Naoki Ogawa(AOC)  Case history of tracing formation by the use of TDT log
Tsutomu Yamate (SKK)  In-situ optical fluid analysis as an aid to wireline formation sampling
4th  Nov. 29, 1994   Technical Reserach Center, Teikoku Oil Co.,Ltd (TOC) Stephen E. Prensky (SPWLA Distinguished Speaker) A Survey of recent developments and emerging technologies in well logging and rock characterization
5th Jan. 23,1995  Indonesia Petroleum Ltd. Hisao Ito (GS/J)     Evaluation of permeable fractures by tube wave analysis
Kazuhiko Tezuka (JAPEX) Evaluation of permeable fractures by stoneley wave
6th Mar. 13, 1995 Waseda University Oberto Serra (SPWLA Distinguished Speaker) True Integrated Interpretation for better reservoir characterization
7th May 29, 1995 Japan Oil Development Co.,Ltd (JODCO) S.Nomoto(JODCO) Outlook for world oil production-a digest of current studies from several organizations and the implications from a database of world's giant oil fields                 
 K.Christensen (GeoQuest)  Data management using a workstation for geoscientists
8th Sep. 21-22, 1995 Technology Research Center, Japan National Oil Corp. (TRC-JNOC)   The First Well Logging Symposium of Japan