Activities 1995 - 1996  (SPWLA Japan Chapter)
No. Date Venu Speaker Topics
9th Nov. 27,1995  Idemitsu Oil Development Co.,Ltd.  Makoto Miyairi (JAPEX) Formation Evaluation in a Methane-hydrate Reservoir-What is the problem & what should be investigated                                               
  Fumio Okitsu (AOC) 35years with Well Log Data 
10th Jan. 29,1996   Tekko-Kaikan Takeshi Okabe(GERD) Interpretation of in-situ three dimentional stress field from FMI/BHTV data                                 
 Nobuo Osato(GERD)  Development of data-base system for logging and reservoir evaluation
 Nobuo Morita(Waseda U.)  Comprehensive prediction and prevention of sand production problems using rock mechanics, logging and production technologies:(for perforated wells and openhole horizontal wells in the U.K.Rotligendes formation
11th  Mar. 26,1996   Arabian Oil Co.,Ltd (AOC) Geoff Weller (Anadrill) Interpretation of high angle and horizontal well
 Steve Mack (Sperry-Sun) Resolving MWD-Wireline resistivity discrepancies in shaly-sand reservoirs
12th  May 27, 1996    Japan Petoroleum Exploration Co.,Ltd. (JAPEX) T. Kanekiyo(JAPEX)   Discussion on aperture computation using FMI imager tool                                                                           
Takashi Ogawa (GeoQuest) The principle of fracture aperture calculation from FMI images 
13th Sep. 26-27,1996  Technology Research Center, Japan National Oil Corporation
  The Second Well Logging Symposium of Japan