Activities 1996-1997  (SPWLA Japan Chapter)
No. Date Venu Speaker Topics
14th Nov. 25,1996  Teikoku Oil Co.,Ltd. (TOC) Koichi Ogino                       (Teikoku Oil Co.)  Comparison of LWD and Wireline measurement in MITI Nishikubiki
15th Jan. 27,1997   Indonesia Petroleum Ltd.   Jean-Remy OLESEN (Distinguished Speaker of SPWLA)  Residual Oil Saturation Evaluation in Water  Flooded Fields under Variable Water Resistivities
16th  Mar. 26,1997   Waseda University   Norio Arihara                      (Waseda University)  Dynamic Behavior Analysis of Hydraulic Fractures by Well Test Analysis and Simulation
17th  May 26, 1997    Japan Oil Development Co.,Ltd.  Koji Takase                         (Japan National Oil Corp.)  Quiet Revolution- Information Technology and the Reshaping of the Oil and Gas Business
18th Sep. 24-25,1997  TRC-JNOC   The Third Well Logging Symposium of Japan