Activities 1997-1998   (SPWLA Japan Chapter)
No. Date Venu Speaker Topics
19th Nov. 25,1997  Idemitsu Oil Co.,Ltd.  A. Imayoshi  (JNOC-TRC)  Log Analysis of Micaceous Brent Sandstone 
S. Hirahara (Idemitsu Oil Development Co.,Ltd.)  Cyclolog- A New Approach for Well Correlation 
20th Jan. 26,1998  Geothermal Energy R&D Co.,Ltd                           ( GERD ) Tatsuya Sato (GERD)  Introduction of the integrated geothermal reservoir modeling system 
21st  Mar. 25,1998   Schlumberger K.K. (SKK) Takeshi Endo(SKK) Fracture Evaluation from Stoneley Inversion 
Hitoshi Mikada(SKK)  Borehole Acoustic Refelectivity for Single Well imaging-A high-resolution description of geological structure
22nd  May 25, 1998   Japan Peroleum Exploration Co.,Ltd        ( JAPEX) Toru Takahashi(OYO) A field experiment of the single-hole seismic imaging method                                                                     
  Gary Lo(GeoQuest)  Data management for the benefit of exploration & Production
23rd Sep. 23-24,1998  Technology Research Center, Japan National Oil Corporation       (TRC-JNOC)   The Fourth Well Logging Symposium of Japan