Activities 2000-2001   (SPWLA Japan Chapter)
No. Date Venu Speaker Topics
34th Dec. 4, 2000 Schlumberger K.K. K. Fujii
 (Schlumberger K.K.)
Sonic Imaging - Fracture identification 
X. Li
(Schlumberger K.K.)
Advanced Acoustic Impedance Inversions for PPP
N. Matsumoto
 (Schlumberger K.K.) 
Development of a Quartz Pressure Sensor for Extreme Hostile   Environment Application
35th Mar. 21, 2001 Teikoku Oil Co. Kazuo Nakayama
 (JGI, Inc.)
Estimation of Reservoir Properties by Monte Carlo Simulation
36th May 8, 2001 INPEX  Stan Paxton
 (AAPG Distinguished Lecturer, Oklahoma State University)
 "Defining 'Sweet Spots' in Sedimentary Basins through Practical Application of Reservoir
Quality Technology"
37th Sep. 27-28, 2001  TRC-JNOC   The Seventh Well Logging Symposium of Japan