Activities 2002-2003   (Japan Formation Evaluation Society - A Chapter of SPWLA)
No. Date Venu Speaker Topics
41st Dec. 4, 2002 OYO
Tsukuba R&D Center
 S. Imamura
An application to detect the shape of the saltwater-freshwater-boundary in a coast 
F. Nakayama
Airborne geophysics for civil engineering
- 3D interpretation using GISS -
Y. Shoji:
Overview of OWS (OYO Wappa Source)
- How it works and its applicability - 
42nd Jan. 27, 2003 Mitsui Oil Exploration Co. Shinji Yoneshima (Schlumberger K.K.)  Processing Leaky-Compressional Mode from LWD Sonic Data  in Shallow Ocean Sediments: ODP sites in Nankai Trough
43rd Mar. 31, 2003 Japan National Oil Corp. Hideaki Machiyama and Saneatsu Saito
Natural gas hydrates occurrence and its geological significance
- Recent results from Ocean Drilling Program - 
Norio Arihara
 (Waseda University) 
Modeling Flow in Naturally Fractured Reservoirs
44th May 26, 2003 Teikoku Oil Co. Hiromi Sugiyama (Teikoku oil co.)  Multi Stage Fracturing in a HP/HT Deep Volcanic Gas Reservoir in Japan 
45th Sep. 25-26, 2003 TRC-JNOC   The 9th Formation Evaluation Symposium of Japan