Activities 2004-2005   (Japan Formation Evaluation Society - A Chapter of SPWLA)
No. Date Venu Speaker Topics
50th November 30, 2004 Teikoku Oil Co., Ltd. Kuniaki Shimada
(Teiseki Drilling Co., Ltd.)
Unzen Scientific Drilling USDP-4, Drilling and Measurements
51st April 6, 2005 CRIEPI Kenzo Kiho (CRIEPI) Development of Controled drilling system for High-level Radioactive Waste 
52nd August 31, 2005 JAPEX Takashi Tsuji (JAPEX) Shallow Marine Sediments in FMI Images
Shinichi Takahata (JAPEX) Formation Pressure Estimation by Using Sonic Logs
53rd October 5 - 6, 2005 Technology Reserch Ceneter, Japan Oil, Gas and Metals National Corp.
  The 11th Formation Evaluation Symposium of Japan