Activities 2005-2006   (Japan Formation Evaluation Society - A Chapter of SPWLA)
No. Date Venu Speaker Topics
54th November 29, 2005 INPEX Corporation, Ltd. Hisanao Ouchi (JOE) Outline of MH21 Simulator and Dynamics of Gas Hydrate Reservoir
55th February 3, 2006 AIST Osamu Matsubayashi (AIST) Thermo-petrophysical properties as a basis of geothermics  
Sumito Morita Approach to Kumano marine basin mud volcanos
Hiroshi Oda, Yuichiro Suzuki and Shuichi Tokuhashi Well Logging Interpretation of Coal beds in Yubari Coalfield
56th May 17, 2006 Mitsui Oil Exploration Co., Ltd. Jiro Watanabe
(Geophysical Surveying Co., Ltd.)
Monitoring of Pilot CO2 Injection in Nagaoka Using Time Lapse Well Logs
Hideki Saito
(OYO Corporation)
Time-lapse crosswell seismic tomography for monitoring the pilot CO2 injection into an onshore aquifer, Nagaoka, Japan
57th October 4 -5, 2006 TRC-JOGMEC   The 12th Formation Evaluation Symposium of Japan