Activities 2007-2008   (Japan Formation Evaluation Society - A Chapter of SPWLA)
No. Date Venu Speaker Topics
62nd December 19, 2007 Japan Agency of Marine-Science and Technology, Tokyo Office Moe Kyaw Thu
Preliminary report on the IODP Expedition 314;
NanTroSEIZE Stage 1- LWD Transect
63rd March 25, 2008 Core Lab. Center,
Oyo Corporation
Hiroyuki Azuma
(Oyo Corporation)
The relationship between seismic velocity and CO2 saturation obtained from the CO2 geological sequestration experiment
Takeshi Iwamoto
(Oyo Corporation)
Experiment of the permeability of sedimentary rock under low hydraulic gradient
64th July 3, 2008 Schlumberger K.K. Shim Yen Han
Advanced LWD Formation Evaluation
Juan Marsal
Interactive Drilling Operations
65th August 24– 27, 2008 Bangkok, Thailand   SPWLA 2008 SE Asia / Japan / Australia Technical Forum
66th September 29-30, 2008 TRC-JOGMEC   The 14th Formation Evaluation Symposium of Japan