Activities 2010-2011   (Japan Formation Evaluation Society - A Chapter of SPWLA)
No. Date Venu Speaker Topics
February 10, 2011
Tokyo Office
Yasuhiro Namba  (JAMSTEC) Challenge to installation of NanTroSEIS LTBMS by “Chikyu”
Hiroshi Aoike
Drilling in Okinawa hydrothermal area by “Chikyu”
75th April 18, 2011 MOECO Yasutomo Fujii (MOECO) Seismic Velocity Variations in the northern Phitsanulok Basin, Onshore Thailand By, Mitsui Oil Exploration Co.,Ltd 
Masashi Fujiwara MOECO Estimated erosion thickness at a time of Middle Miocene based on shale compaction method using Sonic Log in the Gulf of Thailand
76th July 6, 2011 INPEX Hideo Komatsu
An experience of Tuffaceous Sand Interpretation
Takahiro Zushi   (INPEX) Permeability Calculation by k-Nearest Neighbor Algorithm
77th September 29-30, 2011 JOGMEC-TRC   The 17th JFES Symposium
78th December 20, 2011 JAPEX Eiichi Asakawa  (JAPEX)
Unconventional Marine Seismic Survey-Ocean bottom cable (OBC) and vertical cable seismec (VCS)
Kenichi Akama  (JAPEX)
Quantifying Frequency Dependence of P-wave Velocity in Partially Saturated Rocks